artistic research

since 2013

I am researching strategies to highlight “off stage” processes, practices and actors behind, off or around the stage. My focus lies on power relationships and the dynamics of disparities in cultural capital (audience-performer, fan-star, producer-artist). My work has often a role-reversal in its core proposal, ventriloquism of a kind, or unreliable narration.

Most recently I’m looking into fandom as an artistic methodology, to re-articulate essential parts of artistic production and circulation as fictional or factual aspects.

I consider myself an artistic research fan. As my research goes alongside other work, just like fan production that reworks and imbues an object of fandom with love, effort and affection, an artistic researcher too has a different relationship towards economy. They also both engage with their subject matter affectively as well as critically, allowing for or even calling for excessive attachments to cultural objects that are crucial to self or community representation and formation, but are necessarily not in the mainstream culture. Being busy with fandom as artistic methodology, I am very excited to read other researches as fannish products of a certain discourse.