artistic research

since 2013

Lili M. Rampre is researching strategies to highlight “off stage”; processes, practices and actors behind, off, under or above the stage. Lili’s research is focusing on power relationships and the dynamics of disparities in cultural capital (audience-performer, fan-star, producer-artist). Her work has often a role-reversal in its core proposal, ventriloquism of a kind, or unreliable narration. She tends to work from community to make a portrait of dissensus (is there a community, is it real?, portrayal of the limits) and is despite her sociologically coloured interest not employing quantitative methods of humanistic studies concerning analysis of the interviews with the audience which could provide a look into the language that said audience uses when they address the question of dance, but rather looks at the language as a live form that is used in the circle of (its) practitioners – dancers, dance teachers, art researchers and such.

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